Projects Directory

Below are links to all of my current and deprecated projects that are still available somewhere online. Some will take you to an about page, others will take you to a GitHub page, but you'll find out more about projects through their links.

If you're just interested in what I'm working on right now, you can check out my website, linked at my now page.

🌱 Seed-Stage Projects

These projects are currently in active development. They can be considered pre-alpha or alpha-stage in development, will have tons of bugs or errors, or may not be fully executed at all.

Code snippet search engine Bot Catalyst

⚡️ Active Projects

These projects are either in their final stages of beta testing or are production-ready and in active development, continually being updated by me. They are available to use, and are currently being used by potentially thousands of people.

Sum it up Shoten

🚀 Completed Projects

These projects were at one point published and actively developed, but are now ceased to be continually updated. Nonetheless, most of them are still functional and being used by me and thousands of other people, and are a good record of what I've made so far.

Leaflet Throne Room Finder Oreilly Parody book generator Message Merger Sequence diagrams creator

📚 Unfinished Projects

These projects were started and worked on for anywhere from weeks to years, but ultimately were never seen to completion or release, for one reason or another. Still, they serve as a good background for what kinds of ideas interest me.

Nothing, lol

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